Protecting Your Interests

When Your Employer Is Not Doing Their Job

An employment law issue affects more than just your work life. It can permeate into every hour of your day and negatively impact your family and your relationships.

At Hawkins Law, P.C., in Jackson, we are here to protect you. We know that you may feel intimidated, be unsure of your rights or not know what to do next. We can help. Call today for a free consultation about how to handle what’s happening at work: 601-210-6065.

Know Your Rights At Work

Our work life affects all other areas of our life. Many of us depend on our job to earn our livelihood, to get our health benefits and, in some cases, as a source of social interaction. When things are unsettled or harmful and illegal behavior is happening at work, this can lead to major stress.
We offer counsel, guidance and representation for human resource policy issues and employment manual matters. We help employees who are unionized, and manage unfair labor practices and collective bargaining. We help employees who are not unionized with occupational safety hazards, wage and hour laws, sexual harassment and workplace violence issues.
Speak with us if you need clarification on your rights regarding:
  • Noncompete agreements and contracts
  • Employee privacy rights
  • Workers’ compensation laws
  • Equal opportunity and equality-based laws

We want you to have information that empowers you at the workplace. Let us support your effort to stand up for your rights at work.

Find Out How We Can Help Resolve Your Employment Issue

At Hawkins Law, P.C., our team is here to help you understand your rights at work. We know you have questions. Take advantage of our free consultation to get the answers you need. Call 601-210-6065 or connect with us via our website contact form. We serve workers in Jackson and throughout the surrounding communities.